My Favorite Podcasts

Here’s a list of 35 (yes, 35!) podcasts I listen to every episode of. Since I love lists, my top 2 podcasts are:

1. Never Not Funny
My absolute favorite, the cream of the crop. Jimmy Pardo is the funniest man alive!

2. The NoSleep Podcast
David Cummings finds the best stories from the NoSleep reddit and brings them to life. Like Never Not Funny, I have a premium membership to this and it’s worth every single penny.

I adore the rest of them though.

Murder, We Spoke
The Twilight Zone Podcast
Twilight Pwn
Better Call Saul Insider Podcast

True Crime
Someone Knows Something
In the Dark
My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Missing & Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams?

Old Time Radio
Ron’s Amazing Stories
Relic Radio (old time radio)
Relic Radio Sci-Fi (old time radio)
Relic Radio Thrillers (Old Time Radio)
The Horror! (Old Time Radio)

Scary Stories
The NoSleep Podcast
Campfire Radio Theater
Darkest Night
Uncanny County

Paranormal, etc.
Expanded Perspectives
Jim Harold’s Campfire
Mysterious Universe
The Night Time Podcast

Never Not Funny
Do You Need A Ride?
Keith and The Girl
Pep Talks with the Bitter Buddha
The Dollop
The Dork Forest
The Jackie and Laurie Show
Will You Accept This Rose?

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